Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Romance is the word for Valentines Day!

Romance:  A word, so beautiful it even sounds pretty!  That's what romance is all about.  A celebration of the Senses.  So turning your Valentine's Day into something Romantic can be a wonderful sensational experience.  Making things that taste, smell, feel, sound and look wonderful are the ingredients to a romantic day. 

Here's a few ideas:  For dinner, create that romantic mood with sensual foods, use your best crystal, silverware and light candles, play music, and have flowers on your table.  Use all the good stuff to create your table for two. 

Soft, cushioned, sink down puffy Beds are romantic, fluff your feather pillows, add a soft comforter, with loads of soft blankets. 

Create your own Valentine Cards to give. Everyone will love these "straight from the heart" homemade cards. I made these Valentine cards last year for my grandchildren. They were probably too young to appreciate them. These cards called "Antique Valentines"  Instructions can be found on the Martha Stewart website, as well as instructions for the following valentine cards. 

I thought this was a cute idea.  Cut out your own photos to be added to your creation!

These envelopes were made using doilies!  How clever is that!

Also using doilies, these valentine cards are sure to be a hit! 

All of the above card projects can be found at http://www.marthastewart.com/

So, go forth and be creative and romantic this valentines! 

Till next time....Dee Dee

(tablescape photo can be found at Victoria Magazine for a better view.)

Don't forget to buy your sweetie some flowers!

Valentine Flowers we made at my flower shop, a few years ago.