Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2001

I thought it was suppose to be fall!

My new fall entrance garden.  Just put out the yellow mums.  Hope they don't burn up in this heat!

It was a scorcher today! I believe it was a whopping 103 degrees here in my neck of the woods.  The breeze was blowing hot, and I pretty much stayed inside the house all day! This is way to hot for this late in September.  What's happening to our world! I miss the rain and the cool breezes of fall.  Will we ever have cool weather here in South Texas? 

Well, enough of the weather. My day consisted of going to our local H-E-B for grocery's.  Hubby and I made our list and headed out early. (Sorry, we skipped church).   Got our grocery's and a new hummingbird feeder.  Those little hummers are buzzing every where in our back yard looking for a little drink.  So I figured I better get another feeder for them.  Now, I've got 4 feeders on my back patio.  I'll try to catch a photo of one of them, or two at the feeders. 

Got to see my son and my 3 precious grandkids.  They are all growning so fast I can't keep up!  I haven't seen them in 3 weeks! That is way to long for this little grandma! But, I know they are busy with school, and Jason and Missy are both teaching this year! They have a busy life that's for sure! But, I am blessed that both my kids live within a 15 minute drive from me.  Thank you Lord! Jenny's doing good today.  She had her 10 year class reunion this weekend.  That can't be! Seems like she just graduation from high school!  Little angel.  She should be delivering our new little one soon. 

This past Friday we said "Goodbye" to our Honduras visitor.  He's going back now.  Bobby helped him out for awhile.  But, he really needs to go back and see his family. 

Well, that's all for now.