Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day of Love

Today is Monday, and Labor Day. Time to hang out the flag and get to work in the garden. Yesterday hubby and I cleaned out all our flower beds. Whew! What a task. We also are re-doing the flowerbed along the back end of the house. Today we are off to purchase some mulch and other goodies. So, I'm calling today our labor of love. We both love to be outdoors and working in our yard. Hopefully you will be doing something productive today and have your own Labor of Love day! Even if it's just relaxing by the pool and enjoy family and friends. Photos are of our yard last year. Before the drought. We removed the old white rock from this bed and have new plants. Also, we have added some new plants to the other large garden. Will post after pictures when we are done. Have a wonderful day!